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About us

In 1998 UAB ,,Tygelis” was founded, offering post-print services. In 2008 the First packaging was produced. In 2017 UAB ,,Tygelis Pakuoja” was founded, focusing on packaging development and project management.

Personal account management


Continuous feedback cycle



  • Data collection;
  • Establishing project direction and variables;
  • Production of the packaging evolvement and prototype;
  • Selecting materials and managing production;
  • Files and presentation

Technical Specification Form

  • Information of all responsible parties, material suppliers, tooling suppliers and manufacturers;
  • Print, postprint and special effects files;
  • Material, print, effects and prototype samples;
  • Print, postprint and special effects description with manufacturing processes information and technical parameters;
  • Description and scheme of how to pack all manufactured goods for storage and shipment

Project management

  • Ordering and organizing logistics of materials and tooling; 
  • Managing the execution of manufacturing processes;
  • Checking quality in between operations;
  • Testing final packaging products;
  • Managing packing, storage and logistics.


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Your company’s packaging management partner

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