Flexible Arm Mount 2.0


Flexible Arm Mount

Having introduced a high-capacity sonar device that’ll fit into your pocket, Deeper has changed the fishing experience for  good. The arm mount — which is supposed to hold the sonar device — proved challenging to package. 

Originally, Flexible Arm Mount relied on low-durability plastic packaging. An unacceptable portion of the products reached the end consumer in heavily scratched, deformed — sometimes, even torn — packaging.

The task at hand was, then, to create a packaging that would not break during delivery. Even though preserving the metal parts was a priority, preserving the customer’s unpacking experience was the real goal. Heavy materials, inconvenient measurements and unorthodox shapes made packaging the product an extremely difficult task.

Multiple adjustable product parts enabled the packaging design team to use space efficiently, creating a smart packaging structure that’s barely any larger than the product itself. The packaging’s insides were designed in a way that holds the product firmly in place, yet doesn’t overwhelm the customer when unpacking.

3rd place in Packaging Sector Leaders 2017 awards in Manufacturers category for innovative concept and structure.



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