Packaging design and construction

Proper packaging design for a product is one of the most important elements for success in the market. What will be the design of the package, who will create it, what details will make up the package, how long will it take, how much will it cost, and so on?

All these issues are very important in the design of the product packaging, especially the first one. You will need a professional and helpful packaging partner from the start of your trip.

Why us?

„Tygelis Pack“ works with clients from a wide range of fields, from start-ups to international brands. Close and early cooperation with customers ensures efficient conceptualization of the product packaging and execution of the design process.

In each case, we will offer the most suitable packaging for your product, taking into account the aspects of safety, convenience, and representation.


When you decide to create a new package, we first recommend to pay attention to the general today‘s trends, to think about what the fashion of packaging is, how packaging basically influences the choice to buy or share impressions online.

The „Tygelis Pack“ team of specialists will help you to answer many questions already in the initial stage, for example:

  • What material is best to choose for packaging different products?
  • What accessories are worth using?
  • What mistakes to avoid when planning packaging design?
  • How to calculate the price of a package?
  • What is the optimal amount worth printing, etc.


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